Magikano Dub

Magikano Dub, ????, Majikano

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Love-Romance, Magical girl, School Life.
Date: 1 2006
Episodes: 13
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Casts: ADV Films

Synopsis: Haruo Yoshikawa is a normal junior high student. Actually, to be honest, he`s very stupid. His only pride lies in his perfect attendance, and his dream for the future is to live a long life. He lives with his three cute sisters peacefully. However, one day, a beautiful girl named Ayumi Mamiya transfers into his class. For various reasons, she ends up living in Haruo`s house as a maid. Unknown to Haruo though, Ayumi is a cursed witch. To break her curse she needs Haruo`s magical power and plots to awaken it. To protect Haruo from Ayumi, his three younger sisters work together to foil her plots. Surprisingly, they`re also witches. Haruo`s normal days turn to turmoil. Will he break Ayumi`s curse? What happened to Ayumi that caused her to be cursed?

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