Love Get Chu Miracle Seiyuu Hakusho

Love Get Chu Miracle Seiyuu Hakusho, Love GetChu, Rabugetsu Chu, ?????

Date: 04 2006
Episodes: 25
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Five girls came to a training school to become voice actresses holding each thought in her mind. Momoko – she wanted to be a voice actress to meet her favorite voice actor. Rinka – she is an armature voice actress, but she didn?t have special purpose to become voice actress Yurika – she likes anime very much Tsubasa – she was a girl in love, and acted only as a boy. Amane – she found a deadlock as a actress and tried to find another way. They managed to get over the difficulty to become voice actress although they couldn?t perform as main characters yet. There is a love romance with a boy works for an anime company, and you can catch a glimpse of situations of anime industries.

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