Lemon Angel Project

Lemon Angel Project, LEMON ANGEL PROJECT ??? ????? ??????, Lemon Project, ??????

Genre: Band, Idol, Music.
Date: 01 2006
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In the summer of 2017, the Lemon Angel, an idol group of girls, suddenly discontinued its activity without any notice when they were at the height of popularity. 10 months have passed since then. Minaguchi Tomo enters a high school to fulfill her promise with her senior student, Kono Yui, whom she respected. Tomo is asked to audition for the rebirth project of Lemon Angel. Then she learns that Yui organized the Lemon Angel, and Tomo resolved her mind to audition for Yui. However, being chosen as the members of the Lemon Angel, they must be selected girls whose singing and dancing abilities are supreme. There are various jealous and harasses seething in the audition places. During the continuous lessees of sing and dancing, Tomo meets rivals girls who complete each other. At the same time, they are friends to understand each other. Soon, 6 beautiful girls are chosen. What is waiting for them?

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