Legendz: Yomigaeru Ryuuou Densetsu

Legendz: Yomigaeru Ryuuou Densetsu, ????? ????????, Legendz: Tale of the Dragon Kings

Genre: Comedy, Dragons.
Date: 04 2004
Episodes: 50
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Long time ago, there were monsters called “”Legendz””. This story starts when these monsters are found as crystals called soul doll by an evil toy company, DWC (Dark Wiz Company). Here is New York, Shu Matsutani is a typical student of today, except he is too jokey. After his team had lost the game by his dynamic strike out, he received a toy, “”Talispod””, from his father on his way home. Talispod was a popular item among children. It was a device to raise virtual monsters, Legendz, and to project them as 3-D images. Children were crazy about the game called “”Legendz Battle””, which was a fight between Legendz. However, since he had received that item he had been chased by a secret organization. This was because, the Talispod given by his father was a special one, and it could revive real Legendz in stead of projecting 3D image. Riding on his favorite kickboard, Shu ran away from the gang of DWC on the streets of Manhattan. But finally he was drove into the corner. They let out a legendary monster “”Goblin”” and it attacked Shu. They also had a Talispod to revive Legendz. He was so frightened that he was about to get his pants wet. At the moment, a soul doll dwelled on his Talispod, and Shilon of Win Dragon, which is a legendary strongest Legendz, revived and beat Goblin. It seems that Shu has a closed relationship between the Monster, Legendz. What will become of Shu?

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