Kodocha, ????????, Kodomo no Omocha, Child`s Toy, ???? ???, ??????

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life.
Date: 04 1996
Episodes: 102
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kurata Sana is a frenetic eleven-year-old child actress with an extremely overprotective agent, a mother who is an eccentric award-winning author, and a burning desire to do well in school. However, as much as she wants to be a good student, the antics of the boys in her class make learning impossible, according to Sana anyway. And in her eyes, Hayama Akito is the worst offender of them all. A junior-high war of the sexes ensues, and Sana eventually realizes through the chaos that Hayama may not be the “”devil boy”” she’s made him up to be.

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