Kannagi, Crazy Shrine Maidens

Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 4-10-2008
Episodes: Unknown
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: When an art club member, Mikuriya Jin, completed a wooden statue of a fairy for a local exhibition, the statue turned into a girl. He asked her if she was a fairy, but her answer was beyond his imagination. She said that she was Ubusunagami, the goddess of the land. Confused by her response, he explained that he had carved the statue from the wood of a sacred tree. Suddenly, the goddess was assaulted by ?Kegare,` unclean existences born from the land. She was helpless against the Kegare, which cannot be touched by people, but Jin picked it up and threw it away as if it were nothing. Seeing this, she got angry and kicked him in his stomach. In order to exact her revenge against the Kegare, she made a special weapon, which resembles a magical wand often used in magical girl anime. While Jin was surprised by her actions, she got her revenge. Afterwards, she introduced herself as Nagi: the same name as that of the sacred tree.

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