Ippatsu Kiki Musume

Ippatsu Kiki Musume, ???????, Dangerous Girl, Miss Critical Moment

Genre: Action, Breasts, Comedy, Ecchi, Pantsu, Seinen.
Date: 10 1999
Episodes: 16
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kunyan is just a girl with a talent for getting herself into improbably bad situations. Each episode begins with her stuck in a bizarre and physically painful position. It doesn`t really matter how she got to that point – as far as we know she just has an instinct for this sort of thing. What matters is how she can get out of them. Faced with these challenges, she must use strength, skill, the laws of physics, and what little wits she has to extricate herself – preferably after much trial and error and ultimately in the most difficult way possible.

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