Hellsing + OVA

Hellsing + OVA, ?????, Cehennem Sarkisi, ???????, ??????, ???????

Genre: Action, Contemporary Fantasy, Cops, Fantasy, Gunfights, Horror, Law and Order, Seinen, Special Squads, Vampires, Violence.
Date: 10 2001
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Vampires exist. It is the duty of Hellsing, an organization sponsored by the British government, to hide that frightening fact and protect the blissfully unaware populace. Along with its own personal army, Hellsing also has a few secret weapons. Alucard, an incredibly powerful vampire, has been controlled by Hellsing for years. Although he dislikes being a servant to the Hellsing family, he certainly enjoys his job as Hellsing?s vampire exterminator. Seras is a fledgling vampire and a former police woman. Although reluctant to embrace her new self, she is still a valuable member of the organization. Integra Hellsing, the current leader, is usually fully capable of fulfilling her duty, but lately, vampire activity has been on the rise. Unfortunately, the cause is more alarming than anything she could have imagined… 14-17 are OVA 1-4

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