Heavy Metal L-Gaim

Heavy Metal L-Gaim, ????????, Heavy Metal L-Gaim, L-Gaim

Genre: Action, Mecha, SciFi.
Date: 02 1984
Episodes: 54
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Poseidal of Gustgal, the immortal emperor, leads his 24 elite Temple Knights to conquer the Pentagonia System and proclaim himself as the Star Emperor. His second crusades ends in the year 3975 when he defeats King Camon Wallha V from the Pentagonia System. However Camon hides his heir, Camon VI, on planet Coam with the legendary white heavy metal robot. Fifteen years later, Prince Camon, also known as Daba Myroad, leads a revolt on Coam and he is backed by the arms dealer Amandara Kamandara. Prince Camon is unaware that this arms dealer is in fact Poseidal himself, supplying weapons to both sides while he is watching from his Star Emperor throne…

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