Hataraki Man

Hataraki Man, ????, Working Man, ????????, ???

Genre: Daily Life, Rivalry, Seinen.
Date: 10 2006
Episodes: 11
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Based on the manga of the same name by ANNO Moyoko (?? ???), serialised from 2004 in Morning. Matsukata Hiroko is a 28 year old editor with naturally large breasts. She`s often at odds with Tanaka Kunio, a novice editor. Her work already stresses her out and he`s unapologetic about his own mistakes! Everyone refers to Hiroko as a masculine woman for how seriously she takes her work. She smokes too much, works too much, and never has sex. However, when it`s time to get a story done, she switches into “”Working Man”” mode where her testosterone in her blood increases, she works three times her normal speed, and all thoughts of life`s necessities disappear.

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