Happiness!, ????!, Felicidade!, Hapinesu, Mutluluk!, ?Felicidad!

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, High School, Magic, School, Seinen, Traps.
Date: 10 2006
Episodes: 12
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: On the holiday just before the Valentines Day, Kohinata Yuma is called by his bad friend Watarase Jun to buy chocolate. Since that day, his fate begins to change. He happens to meet Kamisaka Haruhi, a school idol as well as the genius girl in magical course at the park, and she gives him a chocolate. Then, because of the mysterious collapse of the school building of magical course, Haruhi transfers to the same class of Yuma, and his troublesome school days is getting worse. Hiiragi Anri. She has a feeling of competition against Haruhi, and she is called “Walking Disaster Slinkier” Komine Koyuki. Her eccentric act always embarrasses… surprises others. Kohinata Sumomo. She is his sister-in-law. She is steady, but she is sometimes airhead. Furthermore, his bad friends Hach , Jun, and a mysterious transfer student acceralate his fate…

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