H2O: Footprints In The Sand

H2O: Footprints In The Sand, ??? ????? ??? ??????

Genre: Ecchi, Harem, Pantsu, Romance, School, Traps.
Date: 01 2008
Episodes: 12
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Hirose Takuma, a blind young male high school student, though the cause for his blindness is undetermined. After his mother died an unexpected death, it left a deep emotional scar on him, which caused him to become very lonely and reserved. Due to this, Takuma and his father move from the city out into a rural area and Takuma is enrolled into a new high school. At his new school, he meets several new girls, though three of whom he gets to know the most out of anyone else. They are, the firm and obstinate Kohinata Hayami, the kind and obliging Kagura Hinata, and the cheerful and mysterious Otoha. As Takuma interacts with these girls, his medical condition gradually begins to heal.

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