H2, H2[???ยท??]

Genre: Action, Baseball, Clubs, High School, Romance, School, Shounen, Sports.
Date: 06 1995
Episodes: 41
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kunimi Hiro is a high school student, who is forced to give up his ambitions as a professional baseball player due to a serious injury. Now at a new high school, Hiro gets involved with Haruko and her goals of reviving that school`s baseball team. At first they must overcome the refusal of school principle, who still remembers a dishonorable defeat that the school`s baseball suffered some ten years earlier. Even with permission to form a school baseball team, there are still the players to recruit and train, and the challenges of building a reputation of the team within the high school baseball circuit. This a story of group of high school students and their love of the game of baseball. Hiro is national class pitcher and batter, with his best friend who is a catcher and with Haruko as the team manger, together they struggle to build a baseball team worthy of the national championship. Based on a manga series by Adachi Mitsuru by the same name. Adachi has also authored a number ofother popular sports manga series which have been animated – Touch, Slow Step.

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