Gunsmith Cats OVA

Gunsmith Cats OVA, GUN SMITH CATS [?????????], Gun Smith Cats

Genre: Action, Bounty Hunters, Detective, Driving, Gunfights, Underworld.
Date: 11 1995
Episodes: 3
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Girls, guns and grenades! Meet Rally Vincent and Minnie May. By day, they work at the Chicago gun shop that they own. By night (or holidays or week-ends), they moonlight as a pair of bounty hunters called the Gunsmith Cats. Rally is an expert at firearms, being able to judge the condition of a gun with a glance, and being an expert marksman. Minnie May is younger and less disciplined; and has an absolute fascination with explosives. Lots of explosives. Especially big ones. Together, they form an unbeatable team; much to the consternation of the local ATF bureau. Set in the city of Chicago, this action-adventure series features a lot of gunfights, car chases and general mayhem.

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