Gundam Evolve

Gundam Evolve, ???? ????

Genre: Mecha, Piloted Robots, SciFi.
Date: 11 2001
Episodes: 15
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A series of short films packaged with certain model kits and aired at conventions, the Gundam Evolve series chronicles a number of side-stories, alternative scenes, and even bonus omake from all around the Gundam canon. Featuring a mix of animation media?from traditional cels to 3-D CG rendering to even cel-shaded 2-D animation?these often 3-5 minute shorts cover such events as Domon Kasshu`s training (and a bit of a romantic tift with Rain Mikamura) from G Gundam, Amuro Ray battling Quess Paraya from Char`s Counterattack, Kamille Bidan training in the Gundam Mk.II from Zeta Gundam, and Canard Pars dueling Prayer Reverie from the Gundam SEED X Astray manga.

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