Grenadier Dub

Grenadier Dub, ??????, Gureneda

Genre: Action, Adventure, Boing, Breasts, Ecchi, Gigantic Breasts, Gunfights, Large Breasts, Shounen, Violence.
Date: October 14 2004
Episodes: 12
Language: English
Subtitle: English
Casts: AnimeWorks

Synopsis: Based on the manga by Kaise Sousuke. During the age of Japanese Civil War, the faithful samurai Yajiro Torajima is surrounded by an enemy army. At the last moment, the bountiful Rushuna appears and saves him with a smile.. and a high-caliber revolver. She is traveling across Japan in search of a way to bring an end to war. Yajiro and Rushuna challenge countless opponents with his sword and her talent for reloading on the bounce.

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