Godannar I & II

Godannar I & II, ??????????!!, Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!

Genre: Ecchi, Mecha, SciFi.
Date: 10 2003
Episodes: 26
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: 2042 A.D., there was a major battle between various Super Robots and huge unidentified creatures called “”Mimetic Beasts””. In the final battle between the Japanese Super Robot Godanner and the last boss of the Mimetic Beasts, the pilot, Saruwatari Goh loses Mira Ackerman, who was both his partner in combat and lover. But in return, Goh rescues a small girl. That girl, still twelve years of age, was Aoi Anna. Five years later, Goh retires from front line combat; and to forget the tragedy of Mira, decides to marry Anna, who had by then received expert training as a Robot Pilot. The two had fallen in love. However, on the day of the wedding, an emergency call is sent. Goh rushes out of the wedding, and Anna is left shocked in her wedding dress. However, she was not just a girl who would quietly wait for her husband to return! Will the two ever be able to get married!? And what will be of the Earth’s destiny!?

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