Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories, ?????, Gakkou no Kaidan, Bújj,bújj szellem, School`s Ghost Story

Genre: Action, Horror, School Life.
Date: 10 2000
Episodes: 20
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Satsuki Miyanoshita and her younger brother Keichiro moved from Tokyo to their mother’s hometown who died after a long illness. Not long after they moved in, they discovered that the old abandoned school building near their new school is haunted by demons and evil spirits. At first, they don’t seem want to get involved with it, not until their family cat, Kaya, is taken by a demon. In order to save the town, Satsuki and her younger brother Keichiro along with their new friends, Momoko, Reo and Hajime forms a team to fight those demons.

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