Fist of the North

Fist of the North, ????, Hokuto no Ken

Genre: Action, Horror, Martial Arts, Post-apocalyptic, SciFi, Seinen, Super Power, Tragedy, Violence.
Date: 10 1984
Episodes: 109
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A legendary fighter able to call on secret powers, he is an unrivaled practitioner of a martial art that fights violence with worse violence to enforce justice. Kenshiro is the man with the seven scars, the heir to the ancient martial art of Hokuto Shinken. He is the Fist of The North Star. Hokuto Shinken is a masterful technique, based on the secret energy points of the human body that enable life. By striking them in various sequences, the practitioner of Hokuto Shinken can manipulate a persons body. Strike one combination and you cure disease. Another, and you wipe a man`s memories away. Strike another, and a persons body will rip itself apart.

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