Final Fantasy OVA

Final Fantasy OVA, ???????????, Final Fantasy: Legend Of The Crystals,

Genre: Adventure, Bounty Hunters, Comedy, Fantasy, Mecha, Post-apocalyptic.
Date: 03 1994
Episodes: 4
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story takes place on the same world as Final Fantasy V, named Planet R, set two hundred years in the future, where three of the four crystals have been stolen. The original heroes in Final Fantasy V are now legends of the past, and a new evil, Deathgyunos, has risen on the Black Moon and must be dealt with. Mid, the only recurring character from Final Fantasy V, contacts a new hero and heroine: Prettz (Pritz) and Linaly(A descendant of Bartz). They eventually meet the sky pirate Rouge and Commander Valcus, commander of The Iron Wing.

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