Everyday Is Sunday OVA

Everyday Is Sunday OVA, ??????, Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi

Genre: Action, Comedy, Cops, Law and Order, Seinen, Slapstick.
Date: 09 1990
Episodes: 6
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: During a heavy downpour, a girl is running away from a boy. She crosses a street, not seeing the oncoming truck. He does, and pushes her away…bloodily injuring his hand. Frightened, she runs away from the scene. Much later, the girl, whose name is Yumi Takeshita, has grown up to become a rookie police officer. On her first day on duty, the overeager Yumi hears a scream and finds a purse-snatching victim. She sees a heavyset man running away and gives chase. She catches him and with her strength and combat skills, flattens him. Not only has she caught the wrong guy, but the scar on his hand shows that he`s Tohru Ichidaiji, the young man who saved her so many years ago. To make it up to him, Yumi goes on a date with him. During the date, Tohru-san uses his magician skills to catch the real purse-snatcher, but he has an older brother…who bumps into Yumi.

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