El Hazard: The Wanderers

El Hazard: The Wanderers, ???????????

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance.
Date: 10 1995
Episodes: 26
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: One quiet Autumn day, the Shinonome High School students are busy preparing for their school festival. Mr. Fujisawa, a rock climbing fanatic, is inspecting the school grounds; the business savvy Nanami is selling box lunches; Jinnai, the president of the student council, is caught up in an unscrupulous scandal; and finally, Makoto is completely immersed in inventing a device about which even he hasn’t got a clue. This incident occurs when this is peaceful day is almost over. Jinnai, who’s just insulted Makoto, has caused his invention to operate recklessly. The machine roars, and throws Makoto and the others into another world. What will Makoto, Jinnai, Mr. Fujisawa and Nanami’s destinies be in this magnificent world?

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