Dragon Quest: Adventure Of Dai

Dragon Quest: Adventure Of Dai, Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken, ????????ยท??????

Genre: Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Magic.
Date: 10 1991
Episodes: 46
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A long time ago there was a master sword fighter who challenged Satan in a fight to the death. The hero along with his team finally won the battle. All the monsters who were once controlled by Satan were released from his control and began to live peacefully in a forest where no humans live. This place is the southern island of Delmorin. When Dai was a baby, he managed to survive a ship wreck and drifted to this island. Being raised by a monster, Grandpa Brus, young Dai dreams of becoming a great hero. Grandpa Brus, on the otherhand, thinks different and wants him to become a magician who will support the hero. Either way, Dai`s in for some pretty big adventures. It`s a normal day on the island, that is, until a ship shows up. Disguised as a team of heroes, these fakes manage to wreck havoc on the island, slaying many of the friendly monsters, and steal one of Dai`s best monster friends, Gome-chan. Gome-chan is a very rare breed type of monster and is worth a lot of money in the market. It`s up to Dai to try to save him.

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