Dragon Half (OAV)

Dragon Half (OAV), Dragon HAlf (manga)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Action, bloody violence, bad language, nudity.
Date: 03 1993
Episodes: 2
Language: English

Synopsis: Mink was born to a man who used to be a skilled swordsman and a female imperial red dragon. At age fifteen, she is in love with a singer named Dick Saucer but because he is also a dragonslayer, she has no choice but to get a potion that can change her into a pure human. But only if she can slay the most powerful lord, Azetodeth and go to his place known as the Demon King`s island. Not only does she have to reconstruct the gourd of the saints, an item that can seal Azetodeth, she also has to be aware of Princess Vina, her rival for Saucer`s affections. Mink is aided by her friends Lufa, Pia, and a fairy mouse named Mappy, on her quest. After so many adventures, mainly a conflict with a vampire and her four handmaidens and discovering Dick Saucer`s past, Mink finally comes face to face with Azetodeth. During the fight, she chooses to remain half-human, half imperial red dragon forever.

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