Doki Doki School Hours+OVAs

Doki Doki School Hours+OVAs, ????????, Sensei no Ojikan: Doki Doki School Hours

Genre: Comedy, High School, Slice of Life.
Date: April 4 2004
Episodes: 20
Language: English

Casts: Geneon Entertainment

Synopsis: Baby-faced and diminutive, well-intentioned high school teacher Mika Suzuki has a hard time commanding respect from her students, most of whom stand a head taller than she. Add to that the fact that her classes are made up of a colorful assortment of characters –including a cross-dresser, a dim-witted jock, a conceited pretty boy and an obsessive misfit — and, well, the school year is beginning to shape up as challenging, to say the least!

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