D.C.II S.S.: Da Capo II Second Season

D.C.II S.S.: Da Capo II Second Season, D.C.II S.S. ~?ยท???II ????????~, D.C.II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season~ (TV)

Genre: Harem, Romance.
Date: 04 2008
Episodes: 13
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The protagonist, Yoshiyuki Sakurai, was born when Sakura Yoshino, weary of being alone for so long, wished upon a prototype artificial wish-granting magical sakura tree for a family. Similar to its predecessor, the story takes place on the same island, Hatsunejima, in Japan, and set fifty-three years after the original anime. The Asakura sisters are the granddaughters of Junichi Asakura and Nemu Asakura from the first Da Capo. Sakura Yoshino is the only returning characters.

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