Cutie Honey

Cutie Honey, ?????????, Cutey Honey

Genre: Action, School, SciFi.
Date: 10 1973
Episodes: 25
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kisaragi Honey is not your typical Japanese teenager. She has a penchant for getting into trouble and being both naughty and nice. One day her carefree life is suddenly rocked when she receives an odd message from her father. Rushing to his laboratory, Honey finds her father murdered. The perpetrators are agents of the evil organization called Panther Claw. They are after Prof. Kisaragi`s invention – The Air Matter Transmutation System. Honey fights off Panther Claw and finds the consciousness of her father alive within a robot facsimile. Prof. Kisaragi shockingly reveals to Honey that she is herself a cyborg which he had created. Prof. Kisaragi had built her to be the perfect cyborg, capable of human emotion as well as independent thought. To this end he had raised her as he would a human daughter. Prof. Kisaragi had also placed the Air Matter Transmutation System into her body. Using its powers, Honey is able to “”change”” into a unlimited number of different personas, the most powerful of which is the spicy redhead “”Cutey”” [Cutie] Honey. Honey vows to avenge her father`s death and wages a personal war against Panther Claw. She is aided (hampered) in her battles by the Hayami Clan consisting of brothers Seiji and Jyunpei, and their perpetually “”horny”” father, Danbei.

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