City Hunter

City Hunter, Nicky Larson, ????????

Genre: Action, Boing, Comedy, Detective, Gunfights, Nudity, Pantsu, Shounen, Slapstick, Underworld, Violence.
Date: 04 1987
Episodes: 51
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: If you`re desperate and need a job done, write “”XYZ”” on the bulletin board at Shinjuku Station. That is a signal that you want to hire City Hunter. Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makumura make up City Hunter. Ryo is calm, cool, and an amazingly accurate shot. He is also the biggest lech since Ataru Moroboshi. Kaori is the “”sister”” (no blood relation, she was adopted) of Ryo`s deceased partner and runs the business side of City Hunter.

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