Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade, ????????, Chrno Crusade

Genre: Action, Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Demons, Fantasy, Gunfights, Shounen.
Date: 11 2003
Episodes: 24
Subtitle: English-Dub

Synopsis: The 1920’s were well known as a period of excitement and change. It was a time where the women were fast and loose, and the booze flowed freely, in spite of prohibition laws. For the elite of society, they have found a new form of excess, conjuring devils. By 1928, things were getting out of hand. A special organization called the “”Order of Magdalene”” was created centurys ago to deal with this kind of threat. Headed by Father Remington and Sister Kate, these young men and women are equipped with heavy duty weapons for then to perform God’s good will. One of the more infamous members of this group is Sister Rosette. Her fame isn’t necessarily positive. In fact, Sister Kate thinks she is nothing more than a menace to society, because whenever Rosette is on a case, things tend to explode. It also doesn’t help that Rosette’s partner is one of the very things they fight against, a very powerful devil named Chrono. Bound to Rosette by a mystical amulet, Chrono may be under control, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. While Rosette and Chrono fight for the Magdalene Order, something is stiring in the background. An evil, more powerful than Chrono, is waiting in the wings, ready to destroy not only the Order, but all of creation!

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