Bleach The Movie: The Diamond Dust Rebellion,

Bleach The Movie: The Diamond Dust Rebellion,
Date: September 3 2008
Episodes: Unknown
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: An artifact known as the `King`s Seal` is stolen during transport from Soul Society by an unidentified Soul Reaper and two arrancar girls who control fire and lightning. Toshiro Hitsugaya seems to recognize the Soul Reaper, who stabs him in the stomach, and abandons his post to pursue him. Seireitei suspects him of treason and orders his immediate capture, with the possibility of disbanding the 10th Division should he be guilty. Toshiro is found unconscious by Ichigo, who knows that Soul Society is looking for him. Toshiro refuses to explain what`s happening, but Ichigo is attacked by the two arrancar before he can force the issue. Toshiro continues to avoid capture, and things only look worse when the Soul Reaper thief, identified as Sojiro Kusaka uses Hitsugaya`s Hyorinmaru to injure Shunsui Kyoraku. Toshiro`s capture is made top priority, and his execution is approved if he resists. Toshiro eventually manages to track Sojiro down, where it is revealed that the two managed to manifest the same zanpakuto. Because this is a taboo in Soul Society, they were forced to fight to the death. Toshiro did not wish to but accidentally froze Kusaka in the fight. It was decided that Toshiro was winner while Sojiro was apparently killed, only to reincarnate in Hueco Mundo. Seeking revenge on Soul Society, he stole the King`s Seal, which allows the user to freely manipulate time, space, and matter within a small space. Using it, Sojiro teleports Toshiro and himself to Soul Society, needing the power of Toshiro`s bankai to break the seal. When Toshiro refuses, Sojiro breaks the seal himself, becoming a dragon made of ice. However, because he lacks the control Toshiro possesses, the power goes berserk and threatens to destroy Soul Society. With much help, Ichigo and Toshiro manage to destroy Sojiro`s dragon form. Returned to his regular form, Sojiro and Toshiro have one last clash, ending in Sojiro`s defeat. Toshiro is cleared of all charges and the King`s Seal is restored, allowing Toshiro to finally put his past to rest.

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