Agatha Christie No Meitantei Poirot To Marple

Agatha Christie No Meitantei Poirot To Marple , ???ยท??????????????????, Agatha Christie: Grandes Detetives Poirot e Marple, Agatha Christie`s Great Detectives Poirot and Marple

Genre: Detective.
Date: 07.2004
Episodes: 39
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This anime is based on the novels of Agatha Christie. The anime is a collection of 39 mysteries chosen from Hecule Poirot and Mable series. To connect these two detectives, there appeared the original character, Mable West. Young Mabel West is the daughter of mystery writer Raymond West, who wants her to lead a normal life. Rebelling against this, Mabel wants to be a great detective, and sets out for London to become assistant to none other than Hercule Poirot, the great Belgian detective who resides there. She finally wins the reluctant approval of her father, and embarks on an exciting life of mystery and suspense – his only demand being that she occasionally spend some time with her great-aunt, Jane Marple, in the small village of St. Mary Mead.

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