3×3 Eyes – Legend of the Divine Demon OVA

3×3 Eyes – Legend of the Divine Demon OVA, 3×3 Eyes Seima Densetsu, 3×3 EYES????

Genre: Action, Contemporary Fantasy, Demons, Fantasy, Horror, Seinen, Violence.
Date: 07.1995
Episodes: 3
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Pai is the last of the Sanjiyan: an ancient magical race with three eyes. After meeting Yakumo`s father, she wanted to become human. Now, after the cliffhanger in the first series, Pai is a schoolgirl with best friends and no memory of who she was. Her normal life suddenly changes when Yakumo, whose soul is bound to hers after she turned him into an immortal undead, finally finds her. Evil forces try to chain Pai`s power and keep her from remembering who she was, as the battles are taken to the ancient lands of the Sanjiyan.

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