15, Fifteen, 15: The Movie Genre: Comedy, Crime, Gang. Date: 2003 Parts: 2 Language: Chinese Subtitle: English Synopsis: The film stars three real-life juvenile gangsters, aged 15, giving an honest and accurate depiction of Chinese teenage gang-life in the Singapore suburbs. It features two more gangsters as characters as well as a fight sequence with […]

A Battle of Wits

A Battle of Wits, Muk gong, Bokkou Genre: War. Date: 2006 Parts: 4 Language: Chinese Subtitle: English Synopsis: In 370 B.C, China was separated as seven nations and several other small tribes, one of these being the city state of Liang. The nation of Zhao is led by the terrifying prime commander Xiang Yangzhong who […]

A Love

A Love, Sarang Genre: Romance. Date: 2007 Parts: 2 Language: Korean Subtitle: English Synopsis: The latest film by the director of ?Typhoon? and ?Friends,? ?A Love? is the tragic love story of In-ho and Mi-ju. In-ho is willing to do anything to protect his first love, Mi-ju, including murder. They cannot forget each other while […]

Adrenaline Drive

Adrenaline Drive, Adorenarin doraibu Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance. Date: 1999 Parts: 1 Language: Japanese Subtitle: English Synopsis: A meek car rental employee and a mousy nursing student wind up an unlikely Bonnie and Clyde when fate drops a sack full of mob money at their feet. In this case, fate?s messy plan involves a fender-bender […]


Alone, ???, Fad (twin) Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Suspense. Date: 2007 Parts: 3 Language: Thai Subtitle: English Synopsis: Pim was born as a twin, conjoined at the stomach with her sister, Ploy. The twins had an operation to separate them, but one did not survive. Now living in South Korea, Pim receives a phone call from […]


Aragami, Aragami – Duel, Aragami: The Raging God of Battle, Aragami, the God of Battle Genre: Action, Martial Arts. Date: 2003 Parts: 1 Language: Japanese Subtitle: English Synopsis: Two seriously wounded samurai find refuge from a storm at an isolated temple, the home of a swordsman and a mysterious young woman. One samurai awakes to […]


Audition, ???????, ?dishon Genre: Thriller. Date: 1999 Parts: 3 Language: Japanese Subtitle: English Synopsis: Seven years after the death of his wife, company executive Aoyama is invited to sit in on auditions for an actress. Leafing through the resum?s in advance, his eye is caught on Yamazaki Asami, a striking young woman with ballet training. […]

The Aggressives

The Aggressives, Tae-pung tae-yang Date: 2004 Parts: 4 Language: Korean Subtitle: English Synopsis: When his parents flee the country, So-yo (Cheon Jeong-myeong), a shy high school student, is left on his own. His love for the sport eventually causes him to meet up with a group of skater boys that include Moggy (Kim Kang-woo), a […]

The Holy Man

The Holy Man, ???????????, Luang Phii Teng Genre: Comedy, Supernatural. Date: 2005 Parts: 2 Language: Thai Subtitle: English Synopsis: Brother Theng, a young monk, moves to a temple in a village where villagers still foolishly believe in ghosts and spirits. Thinking of how to develop the better way of life for the villagers, he intends […]